Sunday, October 26, 2008


Got this from Tania Hershman's blog who got it from Writer's market who go it from Forbes.

I don't know. I suppose literary types might look at this and pooh-pooh on it, but I'm a more practical sort. I want to earn my bread and butter being a writer; a writer of fiction in my best possible world. That does not mean writing literary novels that sit on the shelves, but are praised to the roof-tops. I'm happy that there are JK Rowlings and Stephen Kings out there. I have no MA in creative writing and I don't see one in my future. I like to know that people like me can be writers too. Successful ones to boot. Yeah for them!

The Top Ten Money Making Writers:
1 JK Rowling, $300m
2 James Patterson, $50m
3 Stephen King, $45m
4 Tom Clancy, $35m
5 Danielle Steel, $30m
6 (Tie) John Grisham, $25m
6 (Tie) Dean Koontz, $25m
8 Ken Follett, $20m
9 Janet Evanovich, $17m
10 Nicholas Sparks, $16m
Writer's Market: Forbes Announces Top Ten Author Salaries


this too will pass said...

good evening Botswana... good luck with your writing

Ms. Karen said...

I fully expect to see your name on a list like that someday, Lauri.

Lauri said...

Ao! Karen- wena, you are a lovely girl especially on a Monday morning. Hyperbole suits you- THANKS!!

Ovo said...

Any hope for the African writer?

Lauri said...

Ovo- How can you ask such a question?? Of course- the time of Africa is just around the corner. Make sure you're there.