Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lorato and her Wire Car- The Play!

 Lorato and her Wire Car is a story of mine that won a prize in the junior category of The Golden Baobab Prize, the only Pan-African prize for children's writing. The story was published as a picture book by Vivlia Publishers in South Africa. I've now adapted it into a play for the very wonderful Australian School Magazine. Below are images of the pages and the cover of the magazine which features the play with fabulous illustrations by Peter Sheehan. I think it is beautiful!


Kiru Taye said...

Fabulous, Lauri. Congratulations!

Glad you have some great news to cancel out a bad start to the week.

Lauri said...

Thanks Kiru. Yes, some weeks are better than others on this Writer Roller-coaster, as you know.