Friday, June 30, 2017

Mahalapye Writers' Club's Shaky Start

Writers are difficult people. In Botswana they complain that they are neglected. But when you organise things to help them, they don't show up. So I had decided to put my time into writers here in Mahalapye, my home. I started the club. The first meeting we had six people. The next meeting zero. That told me writers in Mahalapye were fine and I was done. It was about sharing what I've learned and maybe helping a few people, but if they're fine, I'm fine. In any case, I did it because I publicly promised that I would and I like to keep my promises.

But then a few people approached me to ask when the next meeting was. I explained what had happened and just thought I'm not going to force something that is not needed. But these people said try it one more time. So I agreed, but it will be ONLY one more time. And unlike the last attempt, I will organise nothing beforehand. I will pitch up and we will see what happens.


 The next Mahalapye Writers' Club meeting is on  Saturday 8 July at 2 pm at Mahalapye Brigades opposite Tamocha Primary School. 
Bring 500 words or less of your writing to share. 
Tell others. 
See you there!


Joyful said...

Ah yes, people do find it a lot easier to complain. Good luck. I hope more people show up to your next meeting.

Mark Stephens said...

I have just found out about the club. I would be interested to join some time although would be coming from Gabs. Perhaps there is also a way the club could operate online for those that cannot make it every time? Thank you for this great initiative, Mark.

Lauri said...

Hi Mark, the club is already dead, sorry. But I do write my national column It's All Write in Mmegi, which has a Facebook page.

Mark Stephens said...

Ok that's a pity but thanks for the Facebook page. I have been reading your column in Mmegi which is really useful. Thanks again! Mark