Monday, August 18, 2014

The Big Road Trip- South Africa!!

By the time you read this, we'll be gone. We're getting in the car and heading south. Hopefully when I come back I'll have lots and lots of beautiful photos to show you what we've seen.

So here's where we're going!

1. Kuruman and the Wonderwerk Caves, an active archaeological site.

2. SALT- the Southern African Largest Telescope in Sutherland.
We'll be doing both a day tour and night tour. Yay!

3. Lambert's Bay
Off to the ocean to eat a lot of fish and seafood, Mr K's favourite thing, and to hopefully see the spring flowers and a few dolphins.

4. Cape Town
To see friends for a few days

5. Hermanus
Taking a boat out to the sea to see the whales! This was the reason for the trip in the first place.

6. De Aar
To get a few days in the Karoo

7. And home!!!!

All sorts of things to do. See you on the other side!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Crazy, Crazy Few Weeks

I really cannot believe that today is the 13th of August. I've had a crazy mad few weeks. It all started on 12 July with a stomach ache. I went to our lovely new Mahalapye Government Hospital and was told I had gallstones and would need to see a surgeon. Sadly, they have no surgeon at the moment and I would have to book at another government hospital. They searched around and the closest appointment they could give me was next year March. Not good.

Now I was stuck. I despise the entire concept of private healthcare, but I was sick and not getting better so I was forced to go to the private hospital in Gaborone, paying cash which was very painful, almost more painful than the actual surgery. I had my gallbladder out last Wednesday.

I'm feeling pretty good eight days later, better than I thought I'd be since someone dug inside my body and took out one of my organs.

I'm trying to catch up on all of my work because suddenly we're leaving for our big South African Road Trip (Mr K and I) and then I come back for about two weeks and I'll be off to Kenya for the Storymoja Hay Festival. I'll be on a few panels as well as teaching a master class on writing for teenagers. I'll post details later in case you or your friends will be in Nairobi then.

Then after all my travelling, hopefully, I'll stay home for a while and get some writing done!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Lily's No Man Policy- a New FunDza Story!

I have a new story up at FunDza, it started last Friday and will finish on Thursday. Lily's No Man Policy is a fun romance.

Lily is a full time architecture student and works part time at Go Monate Takeaway. She has no space for a man in her life. But then along comes Xavier and she decides it’s time to throw away her ‘No Man Policy’ – but is she willing to lose everything for a man?

You can read the story here

My other stories at FunDza can be found here.

I've also had stories including in both of FunDza's Big Ups! anthologies. I'm proud to be part of this fantastic initiative.