Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

My new year's resolution said I would be blogging every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and everything would be written the Sunday before. It is the 1st of February and I have failed. I had a HORRIBLE weekend. I've been in a fury and could write nothing. So Sunday slipped away.

Today I had to take Catman (finally) to the vet in Palapye (70 kms away) and myself to the dentist, so I wouldn't have to pitch up in Egypt with one front tooth missing. Now my Monday is almost finished and I have nothing to blog about except that if I had a plane ticket I would be on a plane and gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. One way; first class, please.... hopefully tomorrow this will pass. Cross fingers for me and my wayward brain chemistry.

BUT what I can talk about today is that maybe I will get a publishing/books/ writing/ author column after all! Last year I sent a proposal to some of the national newspapers in Botswana and the response was less than enthusiastic. Nevertheless, I'm stubborn, so I did a follow-up at Mmegi, the newspaper I normally freelance for, and the editor said he'd run four weeks as sort of a pilot.

So I've sent the four columns. They are:
1. So You Want to be a Writer? (The publishing situation in Botswana)
2. What's a Motswana writer to Do? (How to break out of the borders)
3. The Tricky Art of Querying
4. Rejection Acceptance

So if you read Mmegi -be on the look out for the columns. Let me know what you think, and maybe more importantly- let them know what you think.


Elspeth Futcher said...

Foul moods deserve alcohol. It's a win-win. The drink will either make your mood seem less nasty, or you'll realize what ever is driving you mad isn't that big a deal.

Linda said...

This is interesting, a friend was discussing it at the local bookshop last time. I think I will check it out myself.

Thanks for sharing this post.
Helen Neely

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've been having a rough time of it. Sorry to hear about the tooth. Is Catman OK?

My blogging schedule has fallen by the wayside too. I am sublimely disorganised.

Great news about the column. Hope it goes well.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I'm with Elspeth. Wine's my poison.

Congrats on the column. And yeah, we need to know what's up with that little woman, Catman?

Lauri said...

Catman (the woman) is fine. The vet said when he did the operation that she was already pregnant again. Eish! Anyway it's done and she is fine, though she has developed a vicious hatred for her son, Senor Ramon. He's walking around in a confused daze wondering waht happened to his world. I even played him Julio singing Feliz Navidad yesterday and it didn't cheer him up.