Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Ghana Makes it to the Semi-finals Corner and Office Progress

My house and everyone in it is waiting for Friday's game. We have a corner set up in the sitting room for Ghana. Ghanian flag, Black Star Vuvuzela (can you see it) and the faithful, and ever hopeful Zakhumi.

Also thought you might like to see an office update photo. We're getting to the last stretch- I hope. The electricity guys have started. I won't have power though until after 19 July since I'm going for the madly expensive option. I'll need to take money out of my savings to fund it. I'm being optimistic that next year I'll have some money again and be able to put in a real swimming pool, so I'm making my office a new power point. It's okay. In Botswana, we have 11% inflation and only get (at best) 6% at the bank when we save. If we leave our money in the bank for a rainy day, the economic termites eat at and we actually lose money. I think it's better to invest in my house.


Gutsy Living said...

I didn't realize inflation was 11%. I love your sweet house. Is that the office or your house? I showed it to my husband and said, "I'd love my own little house to write. Perhaps when we move to Naples, FL, where we have a little piece of land looking over a river, we can build a camera studio/writers retreat combo. he agreed. YEAH!!! You've inspired me. I also like the change in your blog.

Sue Guiney said...

Hey, that's looking great!! will you decorate it?

Lauri said...

Gutsywriter- Not sure what happened to my comment this morning. Glad I inspired you. I'll let you know what effect it has on my writing.

Sue-I'm not plastering inside either. One side (to the right of the entrance) I want shelves, the bottom ones with doors, the up just bookshelves. I'm buying a new desk chair but will likely keep my old table. I'm going to steal a two seater sofa from the sitting room and buy a new sofa to replace it. I've bought nifty wood floor tiles that piece together like a puzzle. I want to see how they feel on my feet before I decide on a rug.

Not sure what will be on the walls. Normally my walln decorations grow organically when I see things I like.

As you can I've given this some thought. :)

Anonymous said...

I was imagining a little nook but it is a proper Writer's Cottage. I love it. You must be so excited!