Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm Off to Music Camp!

On Sunday I'll be off to Botswana Music Camp in spite of the blocks that kept getting put up to stop me.

In the middle of the year, after many years of sponsorship, Standard Chartered Bank decided to stop sponsoring Music Camp and we were all told it was cancelled. Sadness ensued. After 25 years, the institution started by the likes of Hugh Masekela was to be no more. Boo- hoo! But then in from stage left, on a white horse, rode Arts and Culture. "No!" they said and wrote a cheque for a whopping P150,000- and voila! Music Camp was back on track.

But for me that was not the end of my worries. I play trumpet, badly at the best of times, and when I go to Music Camp I look forward to being part of the band. This is my only time all year I get to play with anyone except myself. This year I was afraid I wouldn't be able to play with the band because of my tooth. One of my front teeth has been trying to fall out for about two years now. During my trip to Lagos/London earlier this year things got worse. The only option now is to eventually pull it out and put the fake one screwed into my head. I've put this off because a friend of mine said they're not as strong as the natural tooth.

The way I was playing trumpet was affected by this tooth's movement. I was finding it hard to get most any note, especially above middle C. But last night a wonderful thing happened. I was practicing and thought maybe I could find something on the internet that could help me play with my crooked tooth. This is when I found a video by Charlie Porter, an accomplished American trumpeter, who showed me that, in fact, I'd been playing wrong- forever. He showed me the correct way to position my mouth on the mouthpiece and suddenly there is no more pressure on my tooth and no more pain. Thank you Mr Charlie Porter!!

So I'm off to Music Camp for a week with my new embouchure and ready to have fun! See you on the other side! (Next week I've set up some posts from my weekly column in The Voice)Link


OneStonedCrow said...

... well cool Laurie ... enjoy your jam with the band ... :)

Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

Lauri, is there no end to your talents! A trumpeter too! So glad you can make the Music Camp despite all the obstacles...nothing can keep a good cause down! :)

Enjoy it and hope your tooth plays good music!
Judy, South Africa

Sue Guiney said...

Nothing could be better! playing music saves my life, I think. have a great time!!! (That's a lot of exclamation points for one morning).

Lauri said...

Judy- you've never heard me play so be careful wtih that talent word. HA!!

Thanks Graham!

Sue- I really do enjoy playing with a band especially that I am on a very steep learning curve. It freshens my mind to be so challenged. I've tried to find people to play with here in my village but the problem is most people here play by ear, which I can't do. I need music. If you give me the notes I'm okay. At least at Music Camp our teacher for band is a very accomplished musician. (He played sax in the Ladies No 1 movies) so he helps me a lot by writing the notes down. I would love to have a band I play with regularly.

Grace Ann said...

Music camp must be real fun. What activities do you have in the camp?

Its great to play one of your passions and enjoy it with others.:)

World Famous said...

what was you play to become a cham!!!
Actual Exams