Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Mini Break in Gaborone

On Thursday last week I set off for Gaborone for a short break.

The mission was to attend a concert my daughter was in which was part of the Maitisong Festival. That's her up there, second from the right. The concert was for Lee, my daughter was singing backup for him. Other singers featuring in the programme was Kennedy Thal, well known from BTV's programme My Star. He performed an original song accompanying himself on the piano. It was lovely. Also on the programme was the very talented Samantha Mogwe. Anyone out there who is involved in the music industry really needs to wake up and get to know this young woman. Here is a video of her singing at Ladies No. 1 Opera House. She was amazing on Thursday night.

Then on Friday night we attempted to attend the Setswana version of the Italian opera Cavalleria Rusticana. Thanks to an exam that ran overtime and us getting lost trying to find The Ladies No. 1 Opera House, we only managed to see the last 20 minutes or so, but it was lovely. We have world class singers in Botswana including the lead female in this production, Tshenolo Batshogile. Fantastic. Here is an article that explains more about the show.

And Saturday we headed back to Mahalapye.On the way we got some traditional roadside takeaway, roasted mealies. YUM!! And then home sweet home.

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Anonymous said...

If I remember rightly your daughter is a very good singer. How exciting to see her on stage. It sounds like it was a great show. It is always nice to have a mini break!