Monday, June 18, 2012

Poem: A Fear of Drowning

A Fear of Drowning
By Lauri Kubuitsile

I skim on the surface
Like a boat, not a submarine.
I was never a submarine.
As you added more and more water,
I kept skimming.
I dip a toe in and feel it cool and enticing
But I won’t jump in;
I can’t.
You knew this.
I told you in words
Even if my actions lied.
I can’t get in.
I’m not made right.
I don’t have gills,
Or even a snorkel.
But I like water.
I watch you there
Your head bobbing on the surface
Diving deep
Time and again.
I’m jealous.
Of course I’m jealous.
But I know what I’m made of.
Paper can’t stand up to water
Never could.
Don’t make me.
Don’t pull me in.
Keep your distance.
Let me skim here on the surface.
It’s enough for me.


Joyful said...

Enjoyed this poem.

Sue Guiney said...

Oh yes! thanks -- though when I first read it the screen showed the final line as "don't pull me in" which, I think, also works very well.....

Lauri said...

Joyful- thanks!
Perhaps it needs an edit Sue. Nothing is ever really finished. ;)

Anonymous said...

This poem has a lot of power to it. Very suggestive and realistic. Good use of metaphors! These are my favorite lines: 'As you added more and more water,
I kept skimming.' Keep writing poems!

Lauri said...

Thank you for the lovely comment leifhendrik and for stopping by.