Thursday, February 6, 2014

I'm Interviewed at Africa Book

I have an interview over at Africa Book Here's an excerpt responding to the often asked-"Did you always want to be a writer? "

No, writing was not something I always wanted to do. I’m a generalist. I’ve done many things, I have been a teacher, a business owner, a waitress, and a nurse assistant and… many other things. I suspect before I die I’ll do many other things too. I came to writing because I have always loved stories. I wanted to get more involved with them.
I’m not trying to tell anyone’s story. I’m a single person I represent no one but me. I certainly cannot presume to tell the story of Africa or Botswana, there are an infinite number of stories, each unique and different. I’m only telling mine, the ones that come to me. 

To read the rest of the interview go here

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