Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How NOT to Talk to a Writer

All writers know this scenario.

Random Person: So what do you do?
Writer: I'm a writer.
RP: "Really? Should I know you?"
W: ?
RP: I always thought I had a book in me.
W: ?
RP: So what do you do to earn money?
W: ?

I've had this conversation so many times I've started answering the first question with-"I'm self employed." I once got shouted at by a police officer who said I was being uncooperative because I insisted that I was a writer.

The last time I got stopped by police at a speed trap there were two police officers.

Police Officer 1: What do you do?
Me: I'm a writer.
Police Officer 1 to Police Officer 2: Ga a bereke (She doesn't work)
Me: I work!
PO 2: What do you write?
Me: Books.
PO2 to PO 1: Ga a bereke.
Me: :(

It's tough this writing business even when it shouldn't be, that's why I found this article hilarious- "If Strangers Talked to Everybody Like they Do to Writers". Here's a few from the article:

“Huh. A chef. Do people still eat food?”

 "Gastroenterologist? My aunt tried to be a gastroenterologist. Hard to make a living doing that! Hahaha!”

Read the rest HERE. It'll make you feel a bit better and remind you that you're not crazy to be annoyed by those comments.


t said...

lol, brilliant people, obviously ;)

Sue Guiney said...

Love this! May just have to steal it from you and post it on my fb page-- creditting you, of coure :-)