Monday, April 13, 2015

The Case of the False Prophets- A Lola Molefi Mystery

FunDza has made a lovely icon for the Lola Molefi Mysteries. What do you think of it?
And they're trying something new, putting up all seven chapters on the first day of the week. So today my entire story, The Case of the False Prophets, is up over at FunDza- read it here.

"In the previous Lola case, The Case of the Wedding Curse, her friends Bonang and Jomo married. Six months later Bonang feels plagued by bad luck: she’s not had a single modelling job, and she’s not falling pregnant. Then she meets Radithedi and Enoch, prophets who promise to fix all her problems – for a price. Bonang will hear nothing bad about the pair. Can Lola prove to Bonang they are just crooks, before she loses all of her money?"

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