Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My MIAF Poem

So I'm back from the Maun International Arts Festival 2015. Still recovering. One of the things I did  was attend the poetry workshop run by Ugandan poet Rashida Namulondo. I don't usually write poetry, only occasionally, and I like to learn more about it whenever I can get a chance.

It was an interesting workshop where I discovered different ways to look at things, different ways to find inspiration outside of yourself. One of the exercises was to try to use words in a new way defined by you but so that the reader/listener can get the meaning. I chose to use colours. Here's my poem, worked on a bit after the workshop.

The Colourful Coward

He’s like orange in that fake way,
Like the way orange looks bouncy and smells sickeningly-happy
But it really isn’t.
He likes to speak about African princesses and stars
Though he only touches them with grey.
That cold, unattached, slippery, non-committed side of grey,
Not the killer side
The side with passion.
I would have welcomed the killer side.
Even just a sliver to know he had it somewhere under everything the world saw of him.
Blue is where he likes hiding
When I insist he cut the bullshit.
When his orange and too-slick grey does my head in.
Blue, all stout and round and sturdy
Rolling, rolling— pretending as if my eyes are immune to blue.
But I see it.
I see him thinking he’s safe there.
I know all about these things.
Blue is part of it- isn’t it?
Part of the problem.
Blue, she lets him hide there
And she makes everything worse.


Diana said...

Love it Lauri! Love how you play with colours, the poem is very dramatic, the tension, the pace, - I looked at the ending and though maybe the two last lines should stand on its own as you then talk about "she" ? Maybe you should change, "and she makes everything worse" "Blue, she lets him hide there" is so beautiful, so full of meaning and I think the next line is too direct - I love the poem Lauri. Diana

Lauri said...

Thanks for the help Diana and your nice comments. It is still a work in progress. Actually, I'm always editing everything- even published books.

rashida namulondo said...

i like,so much sharing it right now.

Unknown said...

cool, its exciting