Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Okay I am frantically busy at the moment. We (me and Sauti Arts and Performance Management) are trying to sort out all of the little and not so little details of the book launches for The Scattering in Windhoek Namibia and Maun Botswana. The Maun one is at the end of this month. OMG!!!

After the launches I'm off to Calvinia South Africa for a two week writers residency, working on the research for my third historical novel. I'm a bit obsessed with history at the moment.

 After that my publisher, Penguin,  is trying to organise a mini-driving- book tour, with me driving my new (to me) little sexy car. Driving around South Africa, signing books, maybe talking, heading toward Cape Town where I'll attend The Open Book Festival in September. Busy busy.

I've also started painting again after many many years. Just for fun (the gecko above is on example).
 If you'd like to read one of my romance novels FOR FREE- get yourself over to FunDza where they've posted That Kiss in Egypt

Okay, back to work with me....

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