Friday, August 5, 2016

Some recent reviews of The Scattering

Have you got your copy of The Scattering yet? Maybe these recent book reviews will encourage you to give it a read!

Last Sunday, the South African Sunday Times had this review in its books pages:

"Lauri Kubuitsile insists that she didn’t want to write a book about war. She wanted to write a novel that transcended the statistics, one that made war real through individual stories. The Scattering does that and more. She has created an epic tale of love in a time of horror....
Kubuitsile says this is herself speaking through Riette. “There’s nothing good about war, despite what so many shiny medals and marble statues might try to tell us. Nothing.”
But there is a great deal of good in this book. Do the brave thing, and read it." 

There was also this which first appeared in The Cape Times:

 "Kubuitsile’s depictions of war, violence and oppression are vivid but never gratuitous. Her writing is lyrical, affecting. It allows the reader to develop a deep sympathy for the characters, especially when they are confronted with impossible choices which leave no one unscathed. Her portrayals of people on all sides of the diverse conflicts are strikingly balanced. She shows the ambivalence of our passions and the decisions we make in order to survive. The Scattering is one of those superb historical novels which live on in the reader, simultaneously sounding a warning and shining the light of hope."

Business Day ran this review:

"In stark prose that reaches right into the chest to wrench the heart, Kubuitsile faultlessly describes the slow excoriation of Tjipuka’s soul through war, physical and emotional abuse and abandonment, and the relentless dashing of hope."

A reader at Writer's Write reviewed The Scattering too and even gave it 5 out 5 stars!

"The Scattering is a beautiful story of unbreakable bonds, love and new friendships. I truly enjoyed it and will recall the characters with fondness for some time to come"

And at Goodreads, so far it has only 5/5 star reviews, with this wonderful one by Friederike Knabe: 
"Lauri Kubuitsile has in my opinion written an outstanding novel that achieves two not always easily combined components: a deeply moving, intimate story of love, loss, betrayal and resilience of the human spirit and an in depth portrait of a historical time the events of which are not sufficiently known and/or understood beyond the indigenous population of the country but that have marked the region until today. "

Jan's Book Buzz also reviewed The Scattering:

" Through exquisite, evocative writing, Kubuitsile weaves the story of these two resilient women who must overcome shocking odds in order to survive. It seems that no matter how hard they try, the cards have been stacked against them, and they seem destined to suffer. But they are determined to accomplish whatever it is that they set out to do, proving to their adversaries that they cannot and will not be thwarted."

 Though not a review, Tiah Marie Beautement pulled out the quotes she liked from The Scattering and put them up on her blog:

"They were alive. Their systems ran. Their hearts beat. Their blood moved through their veins. But something shifts in a person when the only hope they have is to live and nothing more."

It's such a generous thing for people to sit down and take the effort to write a review about a writer's book.  I take every single one as a gift, so thank you everyone!!!

Now, have I convinced you to buy and read The Scattering??? :)

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