Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Botswana's Press Freedom Secure , for now

Minister of Communications, Science and Technology, Ms Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi has backed down with her controversial Media Practitioners Bill which would have seen Botswana's freedom of expression severely eroded. She told Parliament that she needed to go back to the media stakeholders to consult with them. Pressure from the media, other MP's , especially Botsalo Ntuane, and from civil society showed her that she was standing on shaky ground.

Kudos must go out to all patriotic Batswana who fought for our rights enshrined in the Constitution. Now it is up to those same people to ensure that the Minister hears our points this time around and takes the appropriate bill to Parliament.

1- democracy 0- state abuse

Now can we get to work on the MP's declaring their very secretive assets??


Karen said...


At least she is going "back to the media stakeholders" and not forcing the issue. I'm very pleased that her plan was thwarted.

Karen said...

Oh, the MP's have secretive assets? I'll bet they know how many houses they own, unlike one of our presidential candidates...

Can you say "deer in the headlights" moment?

Lauri said...

Karen I'm just ahppy to know I won't be going to prison.

As for McCain, it's really terrible that he doesn't know how many houses he has while many Americans are so worried of losing the one that they have. Shameful!

I saw Michelle Obama's speech. Wonderful. She should run for president next! My sister is off to the convention and I'm SO jealous!

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