Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Celebrating Boipuso

Today, 30th September, is Botswana’s Independence Day. I spent today at the kgotla watching dramas on social issues that affect our country. We had choirs and speeches and then a traditional lunch of pounded meat (seswaa) and boiled corn (samp). An overall lovely day.

Botswana is 42 years old today. Much like a middle aged person, she is re-assessing what she has accomplished and correcting her course. We are all working towards Vision 2016 with the mighty pillars that tell us what our country will be like when it turns 50. A country free of new HIV/AIDS infections, employment for all and no more poverty are among some of the lofty goals to accomplish in only eight very short years. I, for one, don’t underestimate what this country can do. As speakers at today’s celebration reminded the audience, the Botswana at the time of independence with only a handful of schools, a few kilometres of tarred roads and a capitol city that looked more like a stop along the road cannot compare with the country that we now live in. We have much to be celebrating today.



Anonymous said...

I'm with you Lauri. I truly believe that Botswana will become one of the greatest countries of Africa; an oasis of calm.

Lauri said...

You know Elsa, I'm really an optimist when it comes to Africa. There are many countries around the continent that are tired of being the poor, sad cases the world wants them to be. I think we'll see some wonderful success stories very soon.

Amy said...

42 YEARS-- Happy Birthday Botswana!!! For Today is Your Day.

Yet heed advice from a citizen living in a prideful nation:
Learn from example. Take the best practices. Promote education, initiative, self reliance dedicated to communal sustainability. Avoid entangling commitments with the devil, and recall the devil comes in many forms. Never lose touch with your people. And Never Never let colonialism in its many forms happen again. It is not good for humans or other living organisms.

May Peace One Day Reign For All Of Us


Lauri said...

Thanks for your wise warnings Amy. You are right. A watchful eye is always needed- human nature is unfortunately bound to greed and power mongering only careful criticism by the community keeps that in check.