Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How Not to Look for a Snake

I was sitting at my computer today searching for things to occupy my time and keep me away from the science textbook edits, I heard Buster, the African Sausage Dog, barking. I looked out the window and saw him at the hedge near the gate but couldn’t see what he was up to.

Buster is a fearless, if slightly stupid and misguided, warrior. Size is a concept he has yet to completely comprehend. He fights donkeys and, even though they kick him away as you or I might shoo away a fly, he goes back for more. He jumps on the backs of goats, in his mind much like the leopard he imagines he might be, until with a quick turn the goat flicks him away.

This afternoon the tone of his bark suggested that he had something that I should investigate. So, armed with a rake, I went outside to find out what my little friend had found. I looked and looked but could find nothing.

See, what I discovered this afternoon, is that sometimes we search and search, but we need only to step back a bit and attack the problem from a slightly different angle for us to realise what we’re really up against.


paisley said...

quite fable like.. genuinely delicious..... do you write childrens stories too???

CMR said...

Well written. "Size is a concept..." For my, albeit inherited, dog, "Being dog is a concept she fails to understand."

A few weeks ago she brought me a rat. Perhaps she thought, "Welcome" meant, "Put rat here."

Who knows?

Lauri said...

Rats are fun- but the real joy is the rubbery bat you step on as you walk out the door in the morning and Buster the African Sausage Dog is smiling up at you so proud of his nignt-time accomplishments.

Paisley- This is not a story. It really happened yesterday. When I saw that huge (my picture really doesn't do it justice) cobra (might be a black mamba don't know) head my heart stopped and we ran to the house faster than a Jamacian.

Yes, I do write children's stories. Thanks for the encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Even though I have seen a red-bellied black snake and a brown snake (both very venomous in Oz) I would probably faint if I saw a black mamba. Holy moly! Buster is one brave dog!

Lauri said...

I may have been lying. People are telling me that if the head is big like that it is a cobra but when I saw it pass by from behind the window it was dark brown like a black mamba. What ever it was it was BIG and it was a SNAKE and it was pretty angry at Buster and I.