Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Super Power No. 1

You know how you have something you should do and you keep putting it off even though you know the stress about not doing it is killing you and if only you would get your lazy ass to make a plan to get it done you could have a free and clear mind but for reasons unknown you just don’t? I know you know it; we all know it. We might not want to admit it, but we have all been there.

So I was there. I have had a digital camera since 2000. The camera chows very expensive AA batteries like Oprah plows through blueberries. For eight years, I’ve been popping out P50 every month, which I see now comes to a whopping P4,800 on batteries! My god- I could have bought ¼ of a Japanese Fong Kong for that! A good one- with an FM radio that only plays stations on frequencies found on the Asian continent.

So, all this time the youngest giant teenager who is under the impression that he knows more about technology than I do, primarily because he does, keeps repeating, “Why don’t you buy rechargeable batteries?” Although I knew what he was saying made sense, I didn’t quite believe life could be that easy. Yes- I own a cellphone and a laptop, and yes- they have rechargeable batteries inside, BUT to take just any device and insert rechargeable batteries- well it sounded like crazy talk.

Then I saw rechargeable batteries and the chargers at Spar. That was about three years ago, in camera battery talk 36 battery changes ago. I kept passing the counter saying to myself, “I really should buy that thing.” But I didn’t. Why? Each time my batteries died and I popped out another P50, I said-“If only…” But STILL I didn’t do it.

Finally a few weeks ago, I shouted to the world, “No More!” I walked resolutely (yes, I will use an adverb) into Spar and bought the charger which came with four AA batteries at a price of P118. Now I feel like a superhero- I can charge my own batteries!! And not only can I use my new machine to charge AA batteries, but I can charge a wide range of sizes of batteries.

I am an Invincible Charging Machine!
So much power in such unworthy hands; I hope I don’t let it go to my head.

Very satisfying checking that off my list, I must tell you. Very satisfying indeed.


Unknown said...

eneloop, eneloop,,, did I Say ENELOOP... Sanyo eneloop is the best hands down.. Most rechargeable batteries need to be charged out of the pack.. and they will die if not kept in the charger..

Sanyo eneloops come charged and keep there charge at about 80% for more than a year!!!.. 1 eneloop - 1000 alkaline batteries.. Please Please stop using Alkaline's they are so bad for the planet.. Sanyo eneloop rechargeable batteries.
I get mine at they seem to have the lowest prices on the web and will ship anywhere.

Think Green

Anonymous said...

good for you!!!! Matt is so right, the "disposable" batteries really aren't

and Matt - thanks for the eneloop recommendation and the website - I'll check it out as soon as I writing this

Way to go Lauri - and I say let the power go to your head! you rock!!

Lauri said...

I accidentally became a good environmentalist as I knew nothing about the environmental effects of the batteries. Actually I have a bag of camera batteries because they can still be used in the clock which takes ages to flatten them. I'll likely not throw most of these camera batteries until years after I'm dead. (well not me actually- unless I become a ghost that does housework which would be odd since as a flesh and blood person I never do housework- God maybe that's hell...)