Friday, April 24, 2009

Introducing Sgt. Catman

We have a new family member- Sergeant Catman. Already he has added all types of fun to our lives.

I have been most pleased to discover that he is, in fact, an aspiring writer. A few days ago he made his first attempts with the cryptic -54- typed onto the screen. Then the day before yesterday, while I was finishing my last standard one English script, he deleted the whole of my vowel song (set to the that jolly tune- Mary Had a Little Lamb- obviously not his type of music) and replaced it with: ///////////////////////////// followed by some of this xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I'm sure it is brilliant if only I could have deciphered what he meant. Needless to say, since I was under a deadline, I had to put the vowel song back in. I wait with bated breath for his next work.

The other day a man stopped by to speak to my husband who was still on his way. He sat in our sitting room waiting staring at this in the corner (yes that is an old lid from a toilet seat as the base- way to recycle!) :

In Botswana people don't care much for cats, and if they have them at all they are outside. The thought of someone taking the time to actually build a cat toy (this fine cat toy was assembled by my husband who has taken a strange liking to the Catman) would be unfathomable. After the man left I wondered what he thought it was, likely some sort of strange muti. We are probably, even as I write this, acquiring quite a reputation in the village.

And so the Catman stories begin....


Anonymous said...

Well, you're just going to have to learn fluent cat in order to decipher his cryptic messages. Who knows what secrets he may reveal....

I am cracking up about the cat toy - too funny.

Do people from Botswana not like cats for superstitious reasons? I am intrigued.

Long live Sgt. Catman!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting awaken by your cat sergeant Catman. how funny. writing cat. am a bit behind since my network has been down. but i went through all the instalments to catch up. they were wonderful as the cat it brings a messege.lsk.

Lauri said...

Yes, Selma, cats in Botswana are considered the friends to witches. Also - they steal meat- a big No No- in this meat loving country.

So Sgt. Catman is the one who brings a message? Hmmm...I need a Cat-English dictionary- urgently!