Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Watching TV while Rhyming

I have a new post up at Blood Red Pencil (Shhhh! I'm Doing Research) about how screenwriters and, actually, lovers of stories in general, don't need to be passive potatoes when watching TV. (Or am I, a child of the 60's who grew up with Wonder Bread (my God what was that stuff??), milk, and those wonderful Brady kids, trying to justify my endless hours in front of the tube??? ) Anyway- check out my post and leave a comment if you feel so inclined.

Also in a search to find a word that rhymes with lion for my standard one English radio scripts I found this lovely little tool. You put in a word it gives you a list of words that it rhymes with- VOILA! Isn't that dandy and handy and may just taste like candy? (NO- not likely- but it is very nice)

BTW Lion rhymes with Orion, Mayan, Hawaiian, Zion, Himalayan and Paraguayan. Your task, if you choose to accept it, try to make a poem from those. Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

I watch the telly as I work - Sssssh don't tell anyone. Excellent little rhyming tool you've got there. I think the poem is beyond me however - we need someone with the comic brilliance of Groovy or Ms Karen to tackle that one!

Lauri said...

I didn't really think anyone would take me up on my poetry challenge but you're right it seems a job for GOL and Ms Karen. I don't think I agree that Paraguayan rhymes with lion though.

Helen Ginger said...

At night I sit under the dark sky
with Tinker, my pet lion.
We gaze at stars glittering high
and dream of visiting Orion.
But the night slides to morning
and Tinker growls a warning.
We must go as the sun comes to light,
for we are both creatures of dark night.

(I am not a poet, and don't I know it!)