Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Guidelines for an Uncomplicated Life by Sgt. Viola Catman

Number 1: In new situations, try to maintain your dignity at all times.

Number 2: Do not crap where you sleep.

Number 3: Keeping a safe distance until you understand the situation is always a good idea.

Number 4: Always have an exit plan.

Number 5: Don't believe everything you hear, even when the speaker appears very sincere.


Sue Guiney said...

Great. especially number 5!

Lauri said...

I wish the first photo could have come with a soundtrack because he was mid-sneeze.

Jude Dibia said...

OMG Lauri!!! Nice. Sgt. Catman should start her own Sex-and-the-City type Bradshaw diary... Whatcha say?

Unknown said...

Jude, the problem with Her Highness The Catman is that she only speaks when the mood moves her. This is problematic for all of those busy types pushed by deadlines and clocks.

Helen Ginger said...

Very good guidelines. We should all follow them.

Straight From Hel

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Catman, I'm with you on number 5. A girl can't be too careful.

T. Powell Coltrin said...

I'm on board for # 1 through 5. Hey, a girl likes to have a plan.

Those kittens are so sweet, I want to reach through the monitor and kiss each and every one.

Lauri said...

Elizabeth- I really like that photo for 5. Buster the African Sausage Dog always has such a sincere face.

Journaling woman- I'd been wondering how I'll ever be able to give them away but they're getting to the wild stage where my house seems infested with wild little mammals. I think it may turn out to be easier than I thought.

Anonymous said...

Cats actually know a lot about life. I've found it to be true. Oh, and I'm in love with your kitties. Too adorable!