Tuesday, April 6, 2010

....and it's back to work-sort of!

Hope everyone had a lovely rest. Today my plan was to get my exhaust on my car changed and since I knew it would take a lot of time decided the rest of my day would be full of tidying up details and little to no writing. Tomorrow I go to Gaborone for the job interview. Cross fingers for me, though I'm not yet sure what I want just yet. I guess cross fingers I figure it out.

It has been raining here in Mahalapye almost continuously for two days. Yesterday, Easter Monday, I woke up feeling pretty bad and spent most of the day in bed. Luckily I am just from a book buying splurge so started and finished The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and started Wally Lamb's I Know this Much is True, recommended by my writer friend Helen Brain. That hefty book will keep me busy for some time.

From early afternoon yesterday, I lay on my bed reading and just out the glass doors in the male morula tree was a big spotted eagle owl attempting to get some shelter from the relentless rain. He stayed with me the whole day until dark. Though the photo makes him seem miles away, he's actually quite near. I felt as if he was watching over me. Sort of hoped he had some mail for me from Hogwarts but it was not to be.


Helen Ginger said...

I was staring at the picture, trying to figure out was in the tree. Looked like some kind of bird. That owl looks huge!

Hope you're feeling better very soon and totally wow them at the job interview!

Straight From Hel

Lauri said...

Thanks Helen. There is a BIG owl the Giant Eagle Owl- now THAT is a big owl. I saw one when my friend from America was here, she spotted it first. They have pink eyelids and as big as a bald eagle. This one is tiny in comparison. He was very fluffed out trying to keep warm.

I'm better already.

groovyoldlady said...

Ooo. I just saw "The Sisterhood..." at the library yesterday, but I passed it by. Should I get it? Is it good?

Lauri said...

I loved it Groovy. I'm reading a lot of YA fiction right now since I have a plot fermenting in my head and want to add some fertiliser to get it ready for the page.

The fun thing is that tonight they're showing the movie on TV! 7:30- can't wait!