Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Connection Poem

Only today I found this wonderful thing, I was shown where to find it by someone on Facebook. Stellenbosch Literary Project is running a poetry workshop led by Finuala Dowling. I wrote about her fantastic poetry book, Difficult to Explain, some time ago here and have been very jealous that I would never get to attend one of her workshops by the sea. No need to be jealous any longer.

I only found the online workshop today and realised it is too late to send her my connection poem, this month's assignment. So instead, in honour of my trip up north to Maun for the International Poetry Festival, I am posting my poem here.
Hope you like it! See you next week when I get back unless you're heading for Maun too!


I Have a Small Dog, Like Paris Hilton

I have a small dog

Like Paris Hilton.

It doesn’t look like her

Or even like her dog.

Mine is stocky

And would never sit in a purse.

She’s not like that

My dog.

She likes to run after weasels

And bark at small children

And see them burst from the gate in fright.

She likes to smother her body in cow dung.

Paris Hilton wouldn’t like that.

Mine wouldn’t accept a name like


She would turn her head away in

Disgust and embarrassment

With me.

Paris Hilton’s dog is very like

Paris Hilton.

I guess my dog is

Very like me.


Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

Oh I love it, Lauri! My dog (if I ever had a dog instead of cat, although that's unlikely as I'm a cat person) would definitely not be a Tinkerbell and would also prefer to roll about in the mud!
Judy (South Africa)

Anonymous said...

That is so cute. Thank God - a small dog with integrity, not swayed by the lure of designer handbags and kitschy names. Love it!

karen said...

Oh wonderful! I love your poem, and the marvellous image of your dog, (and you!). We have a special Botswana-dog just like that, too!

Hope you enjoyed the Maun poetry festival, looking forward to hearing more about that :)

Darjole said...

You really are from Botswana ?

Wow... such an exotic country :)

Lauri said...

Thanks guys!

Yes Karen I had a lovely time in Maun and yes am going top blog about it. Too bad you couldn't manage to get over. Next time.

Darjole- yes I live in Botswana, doesn't seem exotic just feels like home.