Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Trip to Maun

I had a lovely trip to Maun. I stayed with my friend Jenny Robson, a very famous children's writer from South Africa. The photo below is of a full Thamalakane River which is the view off Jenny's veranda. A bit of heaven!

Jenny teaches standard 2 and music at the Okavango International School. I spent Friday there reading some of my stories to the children and teaching them about the trumpet. Jenny and I played together, she on piano, me on trumpet, for their school assembly as well.

Sadly this "Keep Botswana Clean" dustbin is located along the Rakops- Maun road at one of the rest areas. Not a very good advert for tourists to see.

I also took this photo along the way. This is on the bridge over the Boteti River between Xhumo and Mopipi. It's been quite some time that the Boteti has flowed this far south. Apparently there is still more water on the way from Angola.

Friday evening I ran a narrative writing workshop with another writing friend and Maun resident, Bontekanye Botumile, for the poets participating in the Maun International Poetry Festival. It was a lot of fun.

On Saturday night the main event of the festival took place. There were twenty poets performing from all over Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa and America. It was a great event. The highlights of the evening for me were Clinton Smith, Andreattah Chuma, TJ Dema, Outspoken, Dredd X, Priskath, Upmost-My BruthazKeepa and Zwesh Fi Kush.

They want the event to be an annual one and I hope their dream comes true.

One of my favourite poems of the night was from American born, South Africa living, Clinton Smith. Here is a video of him performing it elsewhere, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Clinton Smith's poem was fantastic. What a dynamic, engaging speaker. He really moved me. And that view of the river? A little piece of heaven!

Sue Guiney said...

What a great, productive trip for you! I'm so glad....xo

karen said...

Hi Lauri

Great update, and photos! I have never ever seen water in the Boteti, so for me that is a most incredible photo!

ah, those rubbish bins...an all too familiar sight...

Great that the poetry event,workshop and school visit went so well!

Lauri said...

Selma, he was also a humble quiet guy. I nearly asked him if he'd like to meet my daughter- ha!!

Sue- yes it was a great little trip. I am struggling to find time to get over to your blog and catch up on your Asian Adventure. It sounded amazing!

Even me Karen. I know the Boteti as dry. When I first got married we used to stay at masimo with my husband's aunt who raised him. Her fields were IN the river! It really is fantastic this year. And I understand more water is coming. Who knows maybe Mopipi damn will fill again. Wouldn't that be fabulous for the area?