Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lagos to London

I must apologise to my blog readers for not keeping you posted about all of the wonderful things going on. The problem is I'm busy being part of the wonderful things so have found if difficult to post.

Leaving Lagos and all of my new friends there was difficult. The Farafina event on Saturday night was amazing. I think I've never before met such a person as Chimamanda Adichie. She is brilliant and talented, this I think we all know, but much more than that she really cares that others follow her on the path she has laid. She said such wonderful things about all of us in the group that night when we came up for our awards. I was so touched by what she said about me. I know, even at this short distance, that the Farafina Trust Workshop will end up being one of the most important things to happen to me and my writing.

At the event I met another one of the One Worlders (the group of international writers who put together the short story collection One World) , Jude Dibia. He's lovely. Beautiful and calm and humble. I'd already had two incredible evenings with Molara Wood who came to our hotel in Lekki. Extra gifts to add to the bounty I've been receiving.

And now I write this in London, the second leg of this incredible trip. It was a stunning day weatherwise yesterday even through my overnight flight dead tired eyes. Today I will hopefully meet NoVoilet, an internet friend who is also on the Caine list. Mr K arrives this evening, likely dead tired after a long trip to London through Joburg and Dubai. And then all of the Caine things will begin.

If you're interested, here is the podcast of the BBC interview I did a few weeks ago. They're interviewing all of the Caine shortlistees. My bit on this one is just after the middle.
Okay off to get ready for day 2 in London.


Sue Guiney said...

How frustrating that I am sitting in Heathrow about to fly out of London just when you arrive! But I wish you the best of luck for the award, and regardless of how it turns out, you are such a winner just to be included and given this recognition. As a fellow writer and, I trust, a friend, I am hugely proud and happy for you! Xoxo

Tania Hershman said...

You're here! How long for? I am coming to London on Thursday, got a couple of meetings etc... might you be able to squeeze me in?

chillcat said...

Hello I'm Catherine and I've been following on and off for a while and wanted to wish you the best of luck for the Caine prize. The Lagos workshop sounds wonderfully enriching although you have an amazing output already. I lived in Ghana for many years and many of my stories are set there, or between there and everywhere else. Best of luck again! ciao cat

Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

Holding thumbs tightly for the Caine award Lauri. Will be eagerly watching for news! :) Lagos sounds such fun and such a worthwhile experience - no wonder you didn't have time for blogging!

Judy, South Africa

karen said...

Hi Lauri! I've been off blogging for so long, as usual I have a month to catch up! Have only a couple of days ago seen your question on my blog about baobabs, so now you know why I never replied to it! Will do so once you are back, and can think about such things again..

Thinking of you and looking forward to new updates! Lots of luck..

Lauri said...

Sue- Of course your a friend!!! And yes too bad not to have seen you this time. Did manage to meet up with Tania and it was great. Hope your summer in USA is lovely.

Catherine- Thank you for your kind wishes. Yes, Lagos was amazing. I would love to go to Ghana one day. On my wish list.

Judy- thanks for the good wishes.

Karen- Thanks, yes I know how life gets in the way of blogging.

authorsoundsbetterthanwriter said...

Hello Lauri. Nice to see you speak today. Did a short post about the caine prize on my blog. Good luck for tomorrow.

Waffarian said...

Hello Lauri!

Would like your opinion about a sentence I just wrote in one of my many erotic stories...(this is the part where the hero finally confesses his undying love)he says:

"Oh Sunny, I can't wrestle my thoughts or mind away from you!"

What do you think?

Lauri said...

Waffarian, thank you for soliciting my advice on this sentence. I must say I have a long, loving relationshipn with the word "wrestle" my hope is that you will too. (Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!)