Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another Kind of Story

10 Feb, 2011: The Texas Movement (TM) made of freedom fighters has advanced on the east coast. They have demanded President Obama’s resignation. They claim he has violated their human rights these include bankrupting the country with foreign wars, racial profiling at borders and in airports, a judicial system stacked against people of colour. Other factions of the Movement feel their civil liberties are being violated by not allowing prayer in school, others want polygamy to be decriminalised, and yet others think Obama’s new health care system is communist. Though the group is small, less than two thousand, and fractured along ideological lines, they are committed and armed.

24 Feb, 2011: The TM has made gains throughout the western United States. They are in control of all areas west of the Mississippi. For the first time, Obama has sent in land troops after weeks of heavy bombing. The President still stubbornly clings to power despite the wishes of his people. The international community condemns him for brutal attacks on his own people.

3 March, 2011: Obama supporters around the country tape messages of themselves trying to explain what is really happening in their country and post them on YouTube. The international community dismisses them as Obama propaganda.

4 March, 2011: TM leader, Sarah Palin, asks for assistance from the international community. “Will you sit by while this brutal dictator slaughters his own people?” The Coalition of the Greedy (COGs) a collection of the most powerful and morally corrupt states steps up to help. Their leader, Dick Cheney ,tells the media in a briefing, “This is not about regime change. This is not about Texas oil. This is about saving the lives of innocent people.”

5 March, 2011: 500 bombs fall on strategic Obama strongholds throughout the eastern part of the country. COGs dismisses claims that innocent people were killed. The statement issued to the media said, “All causalities were Obama supporters and members of his armed, home based army.”

25 April, 2011: COGs and TM have made significant gains. Last night COGs jets flew over Washington DC. The White House was targeted and both the First Lady and Obama’s youngest daughter were killed. Both staunch supporters of Obama’s inhumane policies. Obama seems to be on the run. Rumours are he has been offered asylum in the United Kingdom and Japan. His oldest daughter, Malia Obama, spoke in support of her father on Al Jazeera. “He will not hand over the country to people who do not recognise the Constitution of the United States of America. He will fight until his last breath for the country he loves.”

13 June, 2011: The battle rages on. COGs has instituted more than 6000 bomb attacks. Rumours that Obama was hiding out in Hawaii led to overnight air strikes on the islands. Infrastructure on all islands was destroyed, more than 3500 people injured, 235 killed. Obama was not found.

15 July, 2011: COGs’ CEO Dick Cheney said, “We will not rest until there is regime change in the United States of America.”

22 August, 2011: Washington DC is surrounded and TM has taken control. Malia Obama, unofficial spokesperson for the Obama regime, is in custody and will be taken to appear before the ICC on charges of crimes against humanity. Obama is found in the bunker under the White House. It is yet to be ascertained who killed him, but he is dead.

11 November, 2011: All Texas oil wells are bought by COGs. The exact amount of the transaction remains undisclosed.


Myne said...

Food for thought indeed Lauri, I love this analogy. Many almost always see one side of the story, as it suits them, or as majority dictates. Like I told a friend, the proof of any debate is when you can turn it on it's head. May it be well with Libyans, and other oppressed people, pawns in the game of the powerful and greedy.

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