Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Virtual Author

I just read this article about virtual book clubs. Using video calling from Skype an author can hook up with a group of readers kilometres away. I think this is fabulous, especially for me living in Mahalapye Botswana. Our Skype connection right now is a bit slow for video anything, but everything to do with the internet is improving in Botswana and I hope soon such a thing could be a possibility for me.

I'm just now taking my first foray into a virtual book tour for my new YA book Signed Hopelessly in Love. My publisher, Tafelberg, in South Africa had never done such a thing before but decided to try it out with me. I'll only be visiting a few blogs, five in total. I'd be more than happy for any advice other authors who have done blog book tours might have for me. I'm really looking forward to it. I'll let you know when the schedule is in place. Link


Joyful said...

Sounds wonderful! Best of luck on using all this new technology. I love the options it gives us.

Anonymous said...

I think the virtual book clubs are a really good idea especially these days where it is becoming increasingly expensive to travel. And internet connections are getting better all the time so hopefully you'll be skyping away soon.

Can't wait for the tour.....

Stan Trollip (of Michael Stanley) said...

I have used Skype for virtual book tours for several years. I write with a friend, Michael Sears, under the name Michael Stanley. He lives in Johannesburg and I live in both Knysna and Minneapolis. I have been very successful in virtually visiting book clubs all over North America, Sometimes this means that I have to be awake at 3am in South Africa. I think it is worth it.

We are about to do a real book tour of parts of the USA to promote DEaTH OF THE MANTIS (which has a Bushman back story), which comes out there next week. As we do face-to-face events, we will also be tryng to get virtual events. Go for it. You'll enjoy it.

Stan Trollip