Friday, November 25, 2011

Review of Signed, Hopelessly in Love at Saltwater Girl Magazine

Saltwater Girl Magazine has a great review of my book Signed, Hopelessly in Love in their December issue.

"This is such a sweet book about love and ambition in high school. .... A lovely read."

And they're giving away three free copies. Go and try your luck HERE.


Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

I think I will try my luck!

And I'll tweet this too!

Judy, South Africa

Geosi said...

I hope to read this book at a point in time.

karen said...

Hi, great that the book is gettting lots of publicity!

Tshetsana Senau said...

OMG, Lauri. I'm a loyal SWG reader, and had reserved to read this month's issue on the bus home on Tuesday. When I saw your book review I was so excited..partly because you're from Botswana and I've met you, hehe.

Lauri said...

Good luck Judy!

Geosi why not try your luck too? Or else I can let you know when the ebook is out.

Karen- Tafelberg is really doing a fantastic job getting the book out there.

Tshetsana- thanks! I was pretty excited seeing the review and that they liked the book so much they wanted to give away a few.

World Famous said...

I hope you will soon publish you new book like this.

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