Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Busy Busy March

March has started and I'm about to get very busy. First I'm off to Cape Town for seventeen days then I'm back for a few days and then I head up north to Maun until the beginning of April. So my quiet office days will see about a month off. For hermits like me, April will be needed just to get myself back to normal.

I leave for Cape Town on Monday and will be there until the 21st. The first item on the agenda is attending the Caine Workshop at Volmoed near Hermanus. I'm looking forward to spending quiet time writing for ten days. I'm also looking forward to meeting writers from around the continent. Great connections and discussions about short story writing. Just what my mind needs right now.

The workshop ends on the 15th. As luck would have it NB, which is one of the biggest publishing groups in South Africa, is having their author's party on the night of the 15th. I have quite a few books published with imprints under NB. All of my romances: Kwaito Love, Can He Be The One?, Mr Not Quite Good Enough and soon to come out Love in the Shadows are published by Sapphire Press which is under NB, and my book Signed. Hopelessly in Love published by Tafelberg which is also part of the NB group. I'm looking forward to meeting the people there including other authors so that ought to be fun.

On the 15th and 16th the publisher for my book Signed, Hopelessly in Love, has organised some PR events around the book. I'll be speaking at some schools. On the 16th they've organised a book club dinner, inviting some teen girls from teen magazine book clubs in South Africa. We'll eat and talk about the book and writing. I'm really looking forward to that. Since I'm currently working on a sequel to that book, I'll be very interested in hearing how they think the story might progress. I'll be able to see if I'm on track or not.

After the Tafelberg events I'll be staying with a writing friend, Colleen Higgs, getting ready for the launch of her short story collection, Looking for Trouble and Other Yeoville Stories, on the evening of the 20th at The Book Lounge. I'll be interviewing her about her new collection and her writing.

I'll be back for only a few days and then I'm off to Maun for the Poetavango International Poetry Festival on the 30-31 March where I'll be running a writing workshop for participants.

And that will be my March finished. Looking forward to all of the excitement.


Joyful said...

How exciting! I wish you joy and strength in your March activities and safety in your journey.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired just thinking about your schedule but pleased and excited for you too. Have fun, Lauri.

Lauri said...

Thanks Joyful and Selma. My life is usually very quiet but I think it's good to have a crazy month like this once in a while to get your mind off its normal track and on to a different one.

Sue Guiney said...

Glad to see you have a crazy life like me. I find it energising and exhausting , in equal measure . Hope it's all good for you! It does sound exciting.

Lauri said...

Yes Sue, it looks like we'll be travelling around the same time. All the best for your travels. I'll be checking your blog.