Saturday, July 14, 2012

Anything for Money and Claws of a Killer- FREE Downloads!!!

From today (14th) until the 18th, both Anything for Money and Claws of a Killer, the third and fourth Kate Gomolemo Mysteries will be FREE for download at Amazon.

Have no fear, if you haven't got a Kindle, you can download free software to read Kindle books on your laptop HERE.

To download click below:
Amazon USA
Amazon UK

To download click below:
Amazon UK
Amazon USA

And please, if you can, after reading leave a comment over at Amazon to let me know what you thought.


CA Heaven said...

That's a nice offer. Will download it to my cell phone (the only app I've installed is the Kindle reader)

Cold As Heaven

Sue Guiney said...

Great! And I just got one....

Lauri said...

Cold as Heaven and Sue- Thanks! I'm surprised, I've been sick for two days and couldn't tell anyone about the promotion except for this pre-scheduled blog post and yet there were more than 265 downloads! I'm quite excited. I hope they (and you guys) like the books.