Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How I Became A Published Author or How Not to Dress for Your First Book Launch

I'm a guest over at my old stomping grounds, Blood Red Pencil. I'm talking about how I got my first book published, it was, like most things I do, unconventional.

My first published book was The Fatal Payout, the first book in my Kate Gomolemo Mysteries series. The entire process, from writing to getting published, was a textbook case of “How-not-to-be-a-Writer”. (continued)

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tlotlotsamaase said...

awww that's hilarious but it's a good thing to look back and remember how it felt to hold your first book. I'm glad I read this post it's quite inspirational. How does one go about finding an editor in botswana to help with edits in their manuscripts. It's still all just difficult, I wish I could learn.

Lauri said...

Rose29, now with the internet you don't really need to get an editor only locally. I've used editors outside of the country. Do you read my column in The Voice? I try to make usre I give very practical advice.

tlotlotsamaase said...

Is it? Well I've tried using one before and found I had just wasted my money. Yes I read your column, very helpful by the way. Thanks Lauri,