Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Don't Forget Rachel's and Helen's Next Big Things!!

Take a look at these two writers Next Big Things!!
Rachel Zadok:
Exploring the themes of superstition and taboo, Sister-Sister is the story of twins, Thulisile and Sindisiwe Nxumalo. In childhood, the gregarious bright Thuli and her stuttering introverted twin, Sindi, are inseparable, but the arrival of an uncle they never knew they had sets into motion a course of events that will destroy their relationship and, eventually, their lives.

 Sister-Sister will be published by Kwela next year in April. 
Read about it HERE.

Helen Ginger:
 Dismembering the Past is Helen's next book and here's how she describes it: The Texas Butcher has killed twelve women around the state, dismembering them and displaying the body pieces. He'll add three more in Mesquite Cove if the FBI and Hallie can't stop him -- unless he kills her first. 
Read about it HERE.

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Ann Summerville said...

I hopped on over from Helen's blog. I still need to do a review post on your lovely short stories you sent me. I'll work on that this week.