Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Goodies of Late

Good things have been happening but I've been crazy busy so I thought I'd catch my blogging friends up on my life.

1. I have a new kids book coming out with Oxford University Press in South Africa. It's called The Second Worst Thing. It's about Dikeledi, a girl who has already gone through the worst thing- her parents' divorce. She realises it wasn't so bad in retrospect since now her mother treats her like a queen for fear she'll become a psychopathic serial killer and her busy father sets aside time to spend only with her. While she's working on Operation Popular Group, her plan to make sure she and her best friend Mpho make it into the popular group next year in high school, the second worst thing is creeping up on her, and it's going to ruin everything.

2. I was interviewed at For Books' Sake by the wonderful Judy Croome as part of her series on African women writers. The interview is HERE. If you're interested in reading about the other writers you can find them all here.

3. And my friend Tania Hershman has put up a blog post with all of the books she wrote blurbs for this year, recommending her readers might be interested in buying one or two of the books for Xmas presents. My short story collection is on the list which is HERE.

4. Rachel Zadok, Whitbread First Novel Award nominee and author of the fab book Gem Squash Tholoshe, has put up a very nice blog post about my story Moving Forward. The post is here and the first bit of the story here.

So that's me- what's up with you?


Ann Summerville said...

I loved the short stories.

Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

Lauri, you've had an exciting time! Your new book "THE SECOND WORST THING" sounds intriguing. I wonder what can be worse than Dikeledi's parents' divorce??

And thanks again for adding your amazing voice to the recent WOMEN WRITERS OF AFRICA series! It was great having you with us.

Tshetsana Senau said...

Whoa, I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Lauri said...

Thank Cozy in Texas!

Judy, I've had a few friends get divorced and I think sometimes it improves things for the kids. It's not always the worst thing- that was the beginning of my thoughts with this book.

Tshetsana- you know educational publishers are quite different. Sometimes the books are difficult to get a hold of for the general public. But if I see it around I'll let you know, thanks for the interest.

Myne said...

Congrats Lauri! That book sounds quite intriguing :)