Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can a Goshawk Eat My Jack Russell?

Every morning Monday to Friday I wake up, make my bed,eat an apple, do some stretches, and I’m off on my 40 min walk/run with the dogs. (Can you tell I’m an anal retentive have-to-have-a-schedule Capricorn??)

Anyway, for about a week now I’ve seen a goshawk out where we go on a dirt road at the very edge of the village. It is usually sitting up on the huge metal, electricity pylons hunting and ignores us, but today something changed. Suddenly on our way back, it started swooping at the dogs, especially Chelsea my old lady jack russell. At one point the hawk even knocked into her back with its feet. I was swinging at it with the dog leash and shouting, but I think it was hard of hearing because it didn’t even look at me. It’s not very big, maybe the size of Chelsea, so I don’t know what it wanted.

The mother to a friend of mine had jack russells and she was once sitting on her veranda and the dogs were playing in the garden and a marshall eagle ( a very big bird about as big as a bald eagle) swooped in, grabbed a dog (this is an adult dog) and flew high into the sky and out into the field and dropped it. Then landed to eat. Like a horror movie.

I don’t think this goshawk is strong enough to do that, but what does it want? At Wikipedia they say they eat small mammals and insects. I think it is a Pale Chanting Goshawk, I’ve checked in my Newman’s Birds of Southern Africa. Maybe it’s just wanting a bite. Whatever the reason, I’m a bit scared for tomorrow.


groovyoldlady said...

I've been attacked by blue jays and by purple martins, but never by a hawk. Sheesh!

Carry some hairspray or pepper mace with you and help him preen his feathers - if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

I fear the hawk is after your dog.Or is perhaps protecting a nest. I agree with Groovy, I think you need to get something to defend yourself with. Hawks can be incredibly vicious.

Lauri said...

Well back from today's walk and no goshawk, which is good. I really don't know where I'd put pepper spray. Already one side of my bra holds the MP3 player that distracts me from the fact that I am breathing, and in the other one are the keys for the house. I'd have to get another breast and believe me I already have these wonkers- another one would put my back out.

I've tried holding things in the waist of my tights but they fall and then we have that embarrassing situation of having to dig in your pants searching for lost items. Perhaps I could get one of those little packs- but then it starts to feel far too much like a picnic and my day of productivity I fear would be seriously affected.

Anonymous said...

pepper spray is not a bad idea - some come with a wrist strap kind of holster thing - I'll bet it has a nest nearby - i've had crows nearly take my head off (literally) trying to project a nest I as walking a city block away from...glad to hear the doggie and you are o.k.