Monday, February 9, 2009

Spreading the Love

I was tagged by freelance editor Helen Ginger of Straight from Hel. It’s called Scrabble Tag and here are the rules:

List at least five things you do to support and spread a love of the written word, then tag five people. (If you list something that touches youngsters, you get a bonus letter!)

So here goes:

1. I’m the vice-chairperson of the Writers Association of Botswana (WABO) and post at our blog and, until recently, put out the bi-monthly newsletter, as well as quite a few other things.

2. I try to cover books written by Batswana writers in this blog and when possible in national publications and even occasionally international publications.

3. I was one of the organisers of the Bessie Head Festival and ran the writing and art competition for secondary school students that coincided with the Festival.

4. I participate in the weekly Search Engine Fiction prompts and try to get around to reading and commenting on all of the stories from other writers.

5. Last year I spent two days at Westwood Primary School in Gaborone talking about writing with the students and they said that they’ll invite me again this year. I’d love to do much more of that-so for anyone out there who is listening….. invite me!!- I swear I will say YES! (I used to be a teacher and miss being in the classroom-Boo Hoo!)

Count them I get two extra letters- yeah for me!!

So who will I tag????? I think I’ll stick to four.

Tania Hershman
Selma Sergeant
Groovy Old Lady


Tania Hershman said...

thanks for the tag, this is a good one. I will get to it tomorrow. I love that you go into schools, I hope you get many invites! I am going back to my high school in a few weeks to talk to the Creative Writing society, am excited and nervous in equal measure - going back to school feels weird!

Lauri said...

I am a severely problematic public speaker (meaning- I can be good and then dead-scared on two legs) so getting in the schools was good for me.

Looking forward to reading yours tomorrow.

Helen Ginger said...

Hi Lauri. Wonderful stuff. One great thing about this tag is reading all the many and varied activities people are involved in.

groovyoldlady said...

Thanks for the tag...sorry it took me so long to get here. I shall dazzle you with my responses (or not) tomorrow, K?