Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Terrible Addiction to Email

I was reading Hilary Mantel’s interesting essay in the Guardian (UK) about the writer’s need for procrastination and I’ve realised I spend a vast amount of time checking my email and I do believe it is going to get worse. Mainly it all boils down to optimism. I keep thinking there is something wonderful there. A contest win, an acceptance from a literary magazine, a yes from an agent or publisher. How could I let that email sit and deny myself those extra moments of happiness? I’ll soon be getting ADSL and it will become much worse I fear. I once tried to limit myself to only checking my email in the morning, after lunch, and when I knock off- it worked for a day or two and then I was back to my normal obsessive level.

Before I forget- I keep forgetting to send my dear readers off to this very hilarious post – the 911 line for writers and their readers. Very funny! Take the time.

I must not procrastinate at all today (although of course I already am) because I am minutes from finishing book two of my three science textbooks due to my publisher. Minutes I tell you.

But I must admit this grey, rainy, cold weather is getting me down and distracting me. Have I been transported to Britain or what? At least if I’m having to endure grey, cold rain I should get a chance to ride on one of those jolly, double-decker red buses. Not a single one can I see. Just rain, rain, rain, and grey, grey, grey, and coldness.

Can a person see coldness? I think they can, or maybe it is one of my uncovered superpowers, seeing coldness. I wonder how that would assist humanity. “Watch out! You’re walking into a terrible patch of coldness!”

…..okay yeah…. I’ve gone off on a tangent of procrastination……oops.


Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. I like how you say your procrastination is driven by optimism. I feel that too. I want to experience something good as quickly as possible - hence the constant email checking. I am also on Twitter now doing Kayt's poetry prompts; fun, but highly addictive. The 911 line is hilarious. More procrastination material. I need help. LOL.

Lauri said...

You know I signed up for Twitter and couldn't figure it out. then when I had more time I went back and forgot how I signed up. It's probably better I stay away. Just another "pre-writing" activity I really sould not be involved in.

Helen Ginger said...

It is so easy to get distracted. I'm certainly guilty of it. Like you, I'm trying to stop checking email. I've got multiple boxes. Two of them, I've limited myself to checking once a day. The others seem to keep re-filling. If I only checked once a day, it would be depressing because there would be so many to cull through each time.