Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Negative Energy gives you Negative Energy

Literary agent Nathan Bransford has set this week up for positive book talk. Just in time as I was about to stop following his blog with all his negative talk. The publishing world is haemorrhaging, Kindle is killing the book, too many writers are sending out bad queries…. everyday it was another bit of negative energy. If comments on his blog are anything to go by, hundreds of writers were being slathered in the stuff.

Meanwhile, we have Black Monday at stock exchanges around the world and unemployment rising and mines closing. Then apparently yesterday we dodged a meteorite that scientists didn’t even know was there. Eish! I feel like the atmosphere got heavier. It really is starting to become too much.

I think, as Mr Bransford has proven, if you try hard enough you can put a negative spin on anything.

Writer: “Hey my latest book just came out.”
Mr. Negative Man: “Just think how many trees had to die for that.”

Writer: “I finally got an agent.”
Mr. Negative Man: “Just another slug to suck at the little blood you get as a writer.”

Writer: “I won that big literary prize”
Mr. Negative Man: “I heard the competition wasn’t too tough this year.”

In the same vein, everything can have a positive spin.

Writer: “That publisher rejected my novel.”
Ms Positive Lady: “That’s great, one less rejection to get.”

Writer: “My short story didn’t win anything in that contest.”
Ms Positive Lady: “Great, now you can send it out to literary magazines.”

Writer: “My royalty cheque doesn’t reach three digits.”
Ms Positive Lady: “Great- let’s blow it on ice cream.”

Time to bring out that rainbow coloured top and spin, spin, spin- because this world really needs some colour today.


Tania Hershman said...

I love it, thanks Lauri, for spinning it the right way... I especially like the "let's blow it on ice-cream", that's the attitude!

Sue Guiney said...

I'm with you! I can't tell you how many blogs etc I've stopped reading for all their negativity. It's like a contagion and -- call me naive -- but I'd rather go about my business with a bit of self-belief, if possible.

Lauri said...

Yeah for ignoring all of those naysayers. They are dead tiring if you ask me. Sometimes I feel like with each negative comment it's adding energy to this big huge awful ball threatening to run us all over. What happened to that wonderful bit of wisdom- if you have nothing good to say keep your pie hole shut?

Anonymous said...

We need a ray of sunshine right now, that's for sure. I am tired particularly of the press harping on about the economic doom and gloom. Look, we all know it's bad, we are all as well-informed as the next person; but going on and on about it is sending people into a panic. I need some positive vibes, dude.

Lauri said...

You know I don't really get it. Some countries are crying because their growth rate has gone down 5%- I mean really. I've lost 5% of my money just looking for keys in my pocket.

Selma I read a lovely comment from you on another blog that should bring you much happiness. You were remembering how your son used to sing in his sleep. I imagined it and thought how beautiful that must have been. I mean really- even if all of the money in the world evaporates today- will we really be unhappy?