Friday, January 21, 2011

What's New in Lauri's Life?

I've been busy busy and not keeping things up-to-date, so here goes.

1. I've signed and sent off to Tafelberg (South Africa) the contract for Aunt Lulu. It will hopefully be out mid this year. It is about a girl who is asked to run the agony aunt column in her school newspaper. She agrees reluctantly since she sees it as a step down from her lofty aims of being a serious journalist. It all goes wrong and then sort of right before the book is over.

2. I finished last edits to The Vanishings, my first book in a new detective series with police officer, Dambuza Chakalisa and safari owner, Delly Woods. It's a full length novel about the sudden strange disappearances of people in Maun. I've sent it off to a publisher- cross fingers!

3. I've begun writing short science articles on new discoveries for Mmegi again. Here's one about male pattern baldness. I really enjoy researching and writing these.

4. And my weekly column in The Voice Newspaper is going along. I still get phone calls most weeks, so I think people are readings it. Here is last week's column on showing and not telling and the one before that on the nasty habit of exploiting artists in Botswana.

So that's about my life lately, except I recently celebrated a birthday, I'm now 47. Though people bad mouth Facebook as a huge time waster, I must say I certainly enjoyed all of the lovely birthday messages I found there last Saturday.

So that's my life, like I said a bit busy.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Lauri. Sounds like you are very busy but in a lovely kind of way. You are definitely on track for a wonderful, productive year!!!

Lauri said...

Thanks Selma!