Saturday, June 13, 2009

Obama Fun

Australian poet Maxine Clarke has a laugh out loud funny poem she intends to perform in Melbourne very soon all about her dreams for President Obama. I have a feeling many of us share her thoughts. Stop by her blog and read it for some fun. Wish I could fly to Melbourne to hear her perform it!

And for more fun check out this video about the culture shock Obama got when he stopped in a Denny's Restaurant. Hilarious!!! Apparently the President will never be the same after the visit.


Anonymous said...

I have been eating thausand times at Danny's in Santa Monica,Torrance,Long Beach,California and also in Dallas,Texas.

I never ever had bad experiences but I can imagine,that in bad areas,where people do not have jobs and become desparate,they turn to alcohol and drugs.

Those type of people,whom Obama met at Danny's are EVERYWHERE!

In Berlin nowdays someone can see drunkards;people who are obese(yes,German sausages make you also fat) and who are taking drugs.

When I was living in SYDNEY,Australia,I noticed,that young people were bingedrinking at weekends and behaving very agressivle.

If OBAMA wants more businesses in USA,especially in the Middwest,he ought to cancel the NAFTA aggreement and pass TAX LAWS,favorable to companies.
Most USA companies left the country...went to Mexico,Asia or Eastern Europe.

Sue Guiney said...

The video is a riot! We love The Onion. the fact that it hits so close to home is both humiliating and hysterical.

Lauri said...

Sue I was dying when I was watching it- also the one on girlfriends and the anchor who ran over someone in his car- VERY funny.