Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stories From Cape Town

I am exhausted and happy and inspired and filled up and full of so many things to say and too tired to say them. I had a lovely time at the Book Fair. I got back last night at about 9 pm. I have a feeling I will be blogging about everything that happened there for a few weeks in one way or another. I felt so much like a real writer- it was great- maybe I'll begin to believe it soon. So many wonderful stories to tell about the Fair.

One evening after the Book Fair there was an event sponsored by British Council. The London Book Fair is linking up with the Cape Town Book Fair; a process which began this year with author Keven Brooks and poet Xena Edwards attending the Cape Town Book Fair. Next year there will be a whole section just for South African writers and publishers. So this event was about that, sort of a kick-off to preparations.

So I was standing there and suddenly I looked next to me and there was Henrietta Rose-Innes, last year's Caine winner, just like that! People who read this blog regularly know that 1) I am a writer stalker of the first order and 2) Henrietta Rose-Innes is one of the many in my sights. SO- I turn to her and say in my inept, diarrhoea-of-the-mouth way-"My god you're Henrietta Rose-Innes- I think I might cry". She asked me to please NOT, which is fair enough. I got to tell her what a fan I was and that was lovely. She mentioned that she knew me and my writing too, which was nice though a suspect it may have been a segue to get away from the scary writer-stalker, but it was wonderful to meet her. She has a very calm, intelligent, focused way about her, much like her writing. I kept thinking she reminded me of someone and it was only in the morning when I woke I realised it was Jodie Foster, though everyone I told says I am wrong, I still think she does.

It was a lovely, albeit awkward, moment. One of so many at the Fair.


Helen Ginger said...

Now, when you're famous, you'll have to remember this and be nice to your own stalker fans. One will come to you and exclaim that she loves your writing. And you will turn to her and say, "Thank you so very much. Are you a writer?" And she will say, "Yes!" And you will smile knowingly and say, "I thought so. People say I look like Jodie Foster and you do as well." Then you'll wink and add, "All writers, sooner or later, look like Jodie Foster."

Remember the Foster movie where she's trapped in the safe room while the guy in her house is trying to get in and killer her?

That's me. Not Jodie in skimpy pjs, but the crazy stalker guy.

Straight From Hel

Lauri said...

Well I doubt anyone will say I look like Jodie Foster. Yes Helen I do know that movie- Panic Room- very very scary.

Anonymous said...

You can be nice to your fans as long as they don't say they are YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN. If that happens, run!

Lauri said...

That's very true Selma!HA!!