Friday, June 12, 2009

Off to Cape Town Book Fair!!

If you're reading this you should know I am gone. Picture me flying off to Joburg (BRRRRR Cold!) and then flying again to Cape Town (Yeah- ocean!). I leave Friday morning and won't be back until Wednesday. I will be listening to authors read, crying at performance poetry, learning at panel discussions, meeting up with publishers, seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and doing what I love best- stalking writers!

I am a writer because I have a long and committed love affair with books. My first letter posted in the mail was to an author of a book about monkeys- and he wrote me back! Since then I've been a committed writer lover. So I will buy books and stand in long queues to get them signed and be so grateful that the person took the time to sit down and write the book so that I could read it, and then as a cherry on top pitched up at the Book Fair to speak about it and then sign my copy. The whole thing borders on a religious experience. I'll be worshipping the only way this committed agnostic knows how.

So have fun while I'm gone...and don't be naughty....okay.. just a little bit. See (? read) you all when I get back.

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