Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Celebrate Read an eBook Week by Buying 100 Stories for Haiti

I know many of you are skeptical about ebooks, but there is one thing we must accept- they WILL be part of our future. This week is Read an eBook Week and what better way to jump on this new horse than with a lovely book like 100 Stories for Haiti which is now waiting anxiously to be bought by many, many people.
The book includes short stories from writers living all over our planet. They donated stories after a call was sent out by UK writer Greg McQueen. Any money made goes to the Red Cross to help the Haitian people put their lives back together after the devastating earthquake.
The stories are short (under 1000 word), uplifting, and just the right size to read during tea break or while waiting in the queue at the bank or while your rice is cooking.
Then eat a chocolate as a present to yourself because you have done a very good thing. Thank You!!!! :)
Remember- you do not need an ebook reader to read ebooks. There are formats which you can read on your computer, PDA, smart phone, or laptop such as PDF and RTF. Have no fear jump in- the water's great and there are no sharks- promise!

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bonita said...

good to know A ebook...this title is "out of stock" at amazon UK