Monday, March 22, 2010

Support Words Etc.

Words Etc is a fantastic (!!) South African literary journal. It includes interesting articles about the craft and the status of writing and writers in South Africa (and occasionally Southern Africa and the rest of the continent). It has short stories and creative nonfiction. Occasionally some travel articles and always loads of book reviews.

This quarter's issue is all about crime fiction- one of my favourite genres. The cover sports the successful crime writer Margie Orford author of the Dr. Clare Hart series which includes the books Blood Rose, Like Clockwork and Daddy's Girl. Inside the pages you'll find an extensive article and an interview that gives insight into Orford's reasons as to why she needs to write crime fiction living in such a crime ridden country. Very interesting.

There is an insightful article by Sarah Lotz about writing legal thrillers in a South Africa with its inconsistent legal past and present. A travel article by Bronwyn Mclennan about her recent trip to Russia and an analysis of prostitution in South African crime novels by Nora Kruger. There are reviews of Nairobi Heat by Mukoma wa Ngugi, Jassy Mackenzie's My Brother's Keeper, Begging to be Black by Antjie Krog, and The Last Resort by Douglas Rogers (definitely want to get this one!) as well as many other wonderful books. There is even a short story by Helen Moffett giving yet another handy way to deal with the unsightly problem of infidelity. It is indeed a literary banquet fit for a queen or king, whichever the case may be.

In this paper-hating time we live in, I fear for Words Etc. It is such a wonderful magazine done with such passion and finesse, and so very important for this part of the world where books and writers often fall to the back of a queue of more pressing issues. Perhaps it is just selfishness on my part, but I so want Words Etc to continue for a very long time. It's a magazine that people from all over the world can treasure. So please susbscribe! Click HERE to get the information about subscription.

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