Monday, March 29, 2010

How Emotional Do You Get?

If you are reading this, know I am not around. I am not here. I am off to Gaborone to Author's Day at Westwood International School. This is my third year of attendance and actually I'm looking forward to it. The librarian, Joy, who organises the event is such a -well- joy, and I look forward to seeing her and reading to the kids. My only regret, as always, is that more schools do not do this. This year though I intend to write about the day in my new column and hopefully other schools can get an idea and more such wonderful events will sprout up.

But that is not what this post is about though. That will be for another day.

I'm currently working on a novel, the project I decided to complete in Egypt. It is about a couple who go through quite a terrible ordeal (do you see how cagey I am being?) after the wife has an affair. As I'm writing, I feel so attached to my protagonist. I feel like what is happening to her, is actually happening to me. I wrote a chapter yesterday about the first phone conversation she has with her daughter after her husband chases her from their home. Through the whole chapter, I was weeping, my shirt was wet with tears. I felt like it was me, that I was banned from my home and my children for a stupid mistake that unfortunately creates a chain reaction of terrible consequences.

Are you ever swept away with your story, lost in such a way that what you're writing becomes more real than what is actually around you? I'd be interested to know.


Sue Guiney said...

An interesting question, and I know for me the answer is I definitely do. I wrote what I thought was an entire novel because I couldn't leave my character as a hurt and troubled teenager. Often one of the strongest reasons why I desperately want my work published is so that my characters can get into the world and on with their lives. A bit weird and scary, I know, but...

Catarina said...

Westwood was my school! :)

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Hi Lauri,

Yes, I have been so involved in the novel I am writing that I dream in scenes from the book. I feel like God must feel.

Your story sounds awesome. Can't wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

I am frequently swept away. Often I become characters I really like or identify with. It's like an inverted form of method acting. I think when a writer achieves that state of affinity, authenticity is achieved.

Lauri said...

Sue- I like the thought that once it's published the characters get on with their lives, and you're now free.

Catarina- What a coinicdence. I had a lovely time today as I have for the past three years. Will post something tomorrow.

Elizabeth- Glad you stopped by- I've missed you! It is like being God,in the end I'm the one who gave my poor character (who is named Elizabeth BTW) all of the problems.

Selma- I hope what you say is true. Because again if I do not implement properly the emotion will be left only in my head and the reader will fee nothing.