Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Will the World Take Home Ubuntu from South Africa?

This is such a great article in the Huffington Post about how superbly South Africa has hosted the World Cup, seriously practicing what they preach. Yeah for our neighbour!!

Read the entire article by Shari Cohen but here is an excerpt:

I just hope I have learned enough to bring back a little piece of Ubuntu to my homeland, where perhaps with a little caring and a little water, it will take root as naturally as it does here, in the cradle of civilization. It's funny, many people in America still ask me, "are the people in Africa very primitive?" Yes, I know, amazing someone could ask that but they do. And when they do, I usually explain that living in a mud hut does not make one primitive, however, allowing kids to sell drugs to other kids and engage in drive-by killings -- isn't that primitive behavior? I think it is. When I think of Ubuntu and my recent experiences here, I think America has much to learn from Africa in general, in terms of living as a larger village; and as human beings who are all interconnected with each other, each of us having an affect on our brothers and sisters.

Interesting to hear your comments.


Anonymous said...

if there is one thing that i have hoping the world, especially the so-called first world can take back home, is the spirit of ubuntu. The spirit of ubuntu can certainly start putting the personal touch back into social fabric of western societies. But i doubt our cultural export can suceed i the west. Technology permeates every aspect of society and is partly responsible for eroding whatever little chance there is for ubuntu.

Joyful said...

Great article. Having been to Africa, I appreciate very much the African values of home and family. My concern is that as they modernize and take on the global economies, there is great danger that what makes them unique will be lost. I hope that doesn't happen. I have a love for Africa and hope the best for her future and the future of her people.

CA Heaven said...

Yes, I think South Africa has done a great job in hosting the World Cup, something they can be really proud of.

And what the Hell is this Huffington Post that everybody is referring to?

Cold As Heaven

Lauri said...

Nudohn- I agree. Ubuntu could sort out so many of the world's ills. If we all saw that we are only worthy because of others there would be no space for the autrocious behaviour of some. But I do think technology can further ubuntu. I feel it between me and some of my friends here and on social media sites. Yes, we haven't met in flesh and blood but there is an important connection that makes me respect them and love them as I would a friend I met in real life.

Joyful- You're right about Western culture seeping in. You see kids so obsessed with money and the stuff of hiphop culture. They think the goal is to do anything to get it, forsaking ubuntu (botho is Setswana) and other important cultural values.

Cold as Heaven-I read Huffington Post online I'm not sure if it is also a print newspaper.