Monday, October 18, 2010

Botswana's Spring

(Photo above: The jacaranda trees in our garden)

It's currently spring in Botswana. In my village of Mahalapye that means the jacaranda and syringa trees are in blossom and the village looks and smells fantastic.

Another not so nice thing about spring in Botswana is bush fires. We've had some terrible ones this year. In one a brother and sister died when they were out collecting wild fruits. On my way back form Gaborone this weekend I took the photo below. The entire eastern side of the Francistown Road from Dibete to the Tropic of Capricorn going back deep into the Tuli Block was burnt.

(Photo above: The burnt bush along the F-town Road/ A1 highway)

I have an odd thing happening in my yard right now that perhaps one of my readers can help me with. We have two morula trees; a male and a female. The female is completely leafed out but the male tree is completely leafless. Is this normal? I'm afraid our male tree might have a disease. Any help regarding this would be appreciated.

(Photo above: Male morula tree)

(Photo above: Female morula tree)

Otherwise spring in Botswana is hot and windy and everyone and everything is in wait mode, waiting for the first rains. As of October 17th, we're still waiting.


Helen Ginger said...

I know nothing about the trees so I can't help. But I do love your garden. It looks like a great place to relax and read a book.

Fires can be so devastating and it seems like most of the time they're started by someone being careless.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about morula trees, I'm afraid. Have you had enough rain this year? A few of my trees aren't too well due to that, including my jacaranda which is very slow to flower. Sometimes it's hard to know what is wrong.

That is awful about the fires. How sad. My heart goes out to the family of the boy and girl. Bush fires are terrible things. I am bracing myself in case we have an outbreak this summer.

I hope your trees get better soon.

karen said...

Hi there! Those fires are dreadful aren't they - lots of them up here, too. I don't enjoy them at all...

As for your morula trees - we don't think you should despair just yet, as we keep on noticing trees in our garden which are practically next to each other, while one is leafy and the other leafless (including the morulas!). Then the leafless one suddenly shoots forth maybe a week or so later - we have plenty in our garden and I'm sure they are pretty indestructible, being awesome indigenous tough trees! Will get you a morula update from our garden after work today :)

Enid Wilson said...

The trees seem very tall. It's spring here in Australia too but we have a lot of rain this year.

My Darcy Mutates

Lauri said...

Thanks Karen. Since yesterday I noticed the male tree starting to get leaves so I'm quite relieved. I was thinking this afternoon while floating in the pool after a scorching day and looking up at my two trees that maybe the female must get leaves quickly so she's ready to make fruit. I see some tiny flowers on the male tree so he's probably already throwing pollen everywhere since that doesn't require much energy. The female's job (as is usually the case) is much more strenuous.
Just what I thought about anyway not sure if that's the ecology of these guys.

Gutsy Living said...

It's been ages since I visited you. Sounds like so much publishing is going on in your life. Congratulations. As far as the male and female tree, I think the male is sad as the female has a new lover. Just my opinion.