Thursday, October 14, 2010


People who read this blog might remember last year when we had the most amazing hail storm in my village of Mahalapye. Windows were broken and roofs blew away and many indigenous trees fell down.

This morning I was driving from town and I saw this. The colour is not so nice but the tree was bright green, all leafed out, even though the storm nearly pulled it completely out of the ground. I little hail storm is not going to put this acacia tree out of business. No way.

So what about you? Can you stand up to this tree? In writing, in life- it's all about resilience.


Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

What an amazing sight! I'm so happy for the tree - acacias are one of my favourite (along with the buffalo-thorn and the boabab and...) :)

Resilience. Yup. If writing has taught me anything it's that I'm resilient. Like the tree, I may nearly have my roots all pulled out, but I keep going. That counts for something...doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Don't give up. I'm sure it's inscribed somewhere on that tree.

Resilience - one of the key traits of both nature and humans. So closely aligned with courage.

That is one bad ass tree. Down but not out. That's my moment of inspiration for the day, right there!