Thursday, October 6, 2011

Join My Blog Book Tour!!!

I'm going on a virtual book tour for my new young adult book, Signed, Hopelessly in Love and I hope you'll go with me. Below is the schedule with links to the wonderful blogs I'll be visiting.

October 12 :Selma in the City

October 19:Bordertown Notes

November 2:
Myne Whitman Writes

November 16: Straight From Hel

November 23:Monkeys on the Roof

The way it works is that each of these bloggers have read the book. They will ask me different questions about the book and other aspects of my writing. And then on the day they put up the interview and we discuss the book there and give links to readers interested in buying it. Much like a real book tour but easier (and cheaper) for someone like me living in Botswana. I hope you'll support me and stop in at the blog stops and leave a comment to say you were there.

And thanks in advance to all of the wonderful bloggers who'll be hosting me and my book!
Ke aleboga le kamoso!!!


Joyful said...

A good plan! Best of luck.

Tania Hershman said...

Sounds lovely, can't wait!

Lauri said...

Thanks guys!! It's my first time doing this so we'll see how it goes.

Myne said...

Just seen your first outing, it was great!

James said...

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Drift said...

wishing you all the very best with your project!!