Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Second Blog Book Tour Stop!!

I'm on the move again! This time to Kasane Botswana, way up north along the beautiful Chobe River. How I wish I was going for real not just virtually. Border Town Notes is hosting the second stop on my blog book tour for my YA adult book, Signed, Hopelessly in Love.

Karen the owner of Border Town Notes had this to say about the book:

"I actually found it to be really different, compared to the more usual type of high school stories that I've read in the past. Having been part of the adventure of raising two teenagers in my own life, I have great affection for teens, and enjoy reading about them. I have also maintained my taste in young adult literature, and this young adult book was a really excellent read! I devoured it speedily, really enjoying this endearing young lady and her world populated with amusing characters, and sprinkled with snippets of absolutely typical Botswana life! "

Read more including her interview with me HERE.
Thanks Karen!!!


karen said...

Hi! I enjoyed both the book, and writing about it.. I'm sure one day you will make it here in real life - you must drop in and say hello when you do!

Lauri said...

I've been to Kasane before and I'll certianly be there again and I'll take you up on that tea! Thanks again for hosting.

Myne said...

I really liked that window into Botswana life, the food, some of the language. And the characters of course, were great. :)